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Invite you to participate in the experience and look for business cooperation opportunities (The group flies the evening of June 12 to June 16, the program is as follows): Day 1: Welcome and City tour to receive dark rooms and using a reception Day 2: Conference at Seoul KINTEX all day, taking souvenir photos with BTC, dinner on lunch and free time Day 3: Visiting factory, processing cosmetics and products displaying design system provided online Day 4: Attend a business training course and learn about Atomy Group’s products, needs and business goals. Lunch and lunch, the afternoon visit the palace palace, shopping for dinner and free time Day 5: Break up and go to the airport to Vietnam to finish the program .———– —————– Requirements: Complete the visa until May 31 to get tickets and itinerary schedule for the delegation – Cost: 650 USD / person including airfare , accommodation, two-person hotel, room, gifts.- Excludes: Visa, personal expenses and international phone. Contact details Mr. Dung SIYB Ho Chi Minh City: 0903823952- The program was sponsored by the woman You are responsible for paying according to Company regulations. Please consult and list early to register if you do not plan, you will change the area and will not be funded anymore.


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