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Telecommunication services are areas related to the sending, transmission, reception and handling of symbols, signals, data, letters, images, sounds or other forms of information by cable, radio waves. Optical media and other electronic means. Along with the development of science and technology, telecommunications services are growing both in quality and quantity. Under the provisions of the law, business enterprises involved in telecommunications services need to complete the procedures for registering telecommunications service licenses.

I. Regarding the type of permit for membership service registration

Pursuant to Article 13 of the Telecommunications Law regulating the business of “telecommunications services for profit-making purposes”:

Article 13. Telecommunication business form (Telecommunications Law)

  1. Telecommunication business includes telecommunications service business and telecommunication goods business.

Business in telecommunications services is investment activities of public telecommunications infrastructure and telecommunications services for the purpose of profit.

Trading in telecommunication goods is the investment, production, purchase and sale, leasing software and supplies and telecommunications equipment for the purpose of profit.

Article 9. Classification of telecommunications services (Decree 25/2011)

  1. Basic telecommunications services include:

a) Voice service;

b) Fax service;

c) Data transmission services;

d) Image transmission services;

d) Texting service;

e) Video conferencing services;

g) Private channel service;

h) Internet connection service;

i) Other basic telecommunications services as stipulated by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

  1. Value-added telecommunications services include:

a) Email service;

b) Voicemail service;

c) Value-added fax service;

d) Internet access service;

d) Other value-added telecommunications services according to the regulations of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Our service includes email service, video conferencing service, voice service.