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Consulting to set up a soft skills training center
Are you looking to open a soft skills training center? You do not know what requirements you need to meet the conditions and procedures to prepare? Or after establishing the center, what kind of taxes must be submitted in accordance with the law ?, more than anyone we know it is not only your own problems, if you are not knowledgeable about the law will be very difficult towels and inconveniences for investment as well as their business operations are effective. It is the essential part that you need to ensure that there will be no mistakes right from the first step, which is to complete the criteria for establishing a soft skills training center.

At Tri Minh Law we will help you complete the first step for your center, with a team of senior legal professionals, who have many years of experience in the field of corporate legal consulting, they I am confident to help you complete that job quickly and efficiently.

Contact immediately SDT 0961.683.366 or Email: lienhe@luattriminh.vn for inquiries about services.

Subjects licensed to establish a soft skills training center

  • Organizations are enterprises with legal status established and operating under the provisions of the Enterprise Law, having business registration in the field of education.
  • Training centers belonging to socio-political organizations and professional social organizations related to soft skills education activities and off-key educational hours at educational establishments.

Conditions for establishing a soft skills training center
Establishments applying for soft skills training must meet the following conditions:

  • About facilities: Ensuring proper standards of lighting, environmental sanitation and equipment for teaching
  • Teachers: Understand the professional areas of soft skills training, have enough health, moral qualities to serve teaching, have pedagogical certificates.
  • About curriculum and materials for teaching:
  • Full documents issued or approved by the Ministry of Education and Training.
  • In case of self-selected or self-constructed documents, they must be licensed by competent agencies or operation registration agencies.

What is the profile of establishing a soft skills training center?
Request for licensing of soft skills training including full contents according to the form
Copy of business registration
List of cadres, teachers and related certificates
Operation plan, curriculum, teaching materials
Some other papers related ..