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Hi company, now I have just created a website about auto repair services in workshops and auto rescue, I have read the information that I need to register for an ICP license for my website. So is that information accurate, if it has to be done, how much will it cost and how long will it take?

Are you learning about the ICP license procedure? You do not know where to apply for an ICP license. In this article. We will provide answers to your concerns.

Procedures for obtaining an ICP license;
Application for permission to set up an integrated website on the internet (according to the form, Tri Minh Law will provide you)
Notarized business registration certificate,
Background of the person in charge,
Scheme on building service to provide information online,
Domain registration certificate,
Main and secondary Web,
Notarized university diploma,
Written approval of the organization providing information
 What is the procedure for obtaining an icp license?
The purpose of setting up your company’s news page
Type of information provided
Scope of information provision
Content page news
The main categories and details of the news page
Information resource
The service object of the news site
Frequency of information updates
Personnel as a news site: Must have a competent person responsible for the information content, a list of people responsible for editing the website, providing sufficient information about permanent residence, current residence contact address…
Valid Internet domain name
Internet service provider
Thank you for reading this ICP license registration article, in case of exchanging more details or need to use Tri Minh Law Firm’s service, please contact via email “lienhe @ luattriminh.vn ”or Hotline 024 3766 9599 (Hanoi) and 028 3933 3323 (HCMC).